The investors are buying only those plots which have touched rock bottom in phase 8, where construction not allowed.

Speculators are waiting for some stability. there is very minimal trading going on.

Genuine  buyers are witnessed in developed areas where construction is allowed. Attractive rates of plots are gradually coming in.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor  (CPEC)  is creating  confidence in the Market.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves is over 20  billion USD, inflow of foreign remittances is steady,

Karachi stock market 100 index is between 39,000-40,000 point mark. Government has Set 5.5 growth rate target.

The growth rate in the neighboring countries like China and India is ABOVE  7%, Pakistan is trying to make improvement in that area against all odds. The near future outlook appears moderate.

Chinese investors are keen to invest in Pakistan, creating great amount of confidence in every sector of Pakistan including realestate sector.

The rates for `1000 sq yds plots varies between 12 crors to 14 crors in phase 6 and phase 8 where the population of houses is saturated. furthermore rates of very good location 500 sq yds plots in developed or populated areas is between 7 cror to 8.5 cror

500 yds residential plot in D-CUTTING phase 8,  the price IS 6.50 TO 5.80  CROR  cror ( rates of plots  varies with streets & location) Sahil 300 yd plot was at rupees 3.40 cror sahil 500 yd around 4.25 cror.  Defence streets phase 8, 4.25  cror.

2000 yds category residential plots in 3rd belt of phase 8,  below 30th street are around 23 cror crores and prices above 20 street is upto to 28 crores.(approx).

The 500 sq yd brand new house is now priced around 11  – 11.5 cror,

Used old houses can be bought at lower prices depending on the condition of the house. either 500 , 1000 or 2000.

1000 sq yds HOUSE  is priced around 21 crors plus and 2000 sq yd is price around 44  crors plus for top quality and top location houses. Although there are lower priced houses according to their location and quality.

If you are interested in buying creek vista apartment there. The price of four bedroom apartment is around 6.50  crors . AS far as EMAAR project at cresent bay in phase 8 is concern , builder is progressing at  slow pace and demanding 90 percent payment at the completion of structure ONLY, where as buyers are ready to pay 60 percent at completion of structure. If the project is able to deliver the product  in announced time it will be the best project in whole DHA KARACHI PAKISTAN.


The  prices  in the commercial areas of phase 8,  Almurtaza commercial / Zulfiqar commercial 100sq yds Rupees 6.0  crors and peninsula commercial area 100 SQYDS is at 3.5 cror, tipu at 3.8, iqbal at  3.78 cror , SABA AVENUE  at  8 cror . prices in sahil commercial is 3.60 cror.
The prices of MAIN ROADS  Commercial plots like 200 sq yds kh e ittehad 20 cror plus , 100 sq Main ittehad 11.0 cror  , 200 sq yds shahbaz  22 cror plus . 400 SQ YDS IS 40 CROR PLUS . 300 sq BEACH AVENUE CORNER phase 8 plots are demanding rupees 22  crors.